Beast Crawl Literary Festival

On July 12th, 2014

Uptown Oakland’s Beast Crawl will hold its third annual free literary festival featuring more than a hundred writers in a single night, spread out over three hours and numerous local galleries, bars, restaurants, cafés, and storefronts. Past venues have included Telegraph Beer GardenAwaken CaféFarley’s EastEra Art Bar & LoungeCafé RandeVu, The Legionnaire Saloon, and many more.

Each leg of the Beast lasts one hour, and offers as many as a dozen readings to chose from. There’s a half hour break between literary legs for socializing and relocating to a new venue before the next reading begins. We recommend choosing one reading per leg. You can even plan your route in advance. Crawl maps listing all the venues, curators, legs, and after-party locations will be available online and at all the Leg 1 events.

To curate these literary events for Beast Crawl, we invite a diverse collection of local reading series producers and literary rock stars including Tourettes Without Regrets, Quiet Lightning, Berkeley Poetry Slam, Lip Service West and many more.

The inaugural 2012 literary festival, the first of its kind in the East Bay, was a huge success, attracting over 1500 audience members to the heart of Oakland’s burgeoning Uptown district. Last year’s 2013 festival grew on that success with even more curators, events, venues, and readings.

The name “Beast Crawl” derives from the Pig Latin for Beast, which is East Bay, symbolized by the classic Oakland image of the giant cranes that stalk our shore. We think every city should have its own unique literary identity, and Beast Crawl is the beating literary heart of Oakland.


Bay Area Poetry Marathon














Our reading was fabulous, join the rest!


* Saturday, June 21
____ Guest curator: Tiff Dressen ____
Readers:  Christopher Daniels, Susanne Dyckman, Denise Leto,
Claiborne McDonald, Anna Soteria Morrison, Monica Regan,
John Sakkis, Alana Siegel, Eleni Stecopoulos

* Saturday, July 26
____ Guest curator: Erica Lewis ____
Readers:  Michelle Detorie, Carrie Hunter, Lauren Levin,
Alexandra Naughton, Ted Rees, Dan Thomas-Glass,
Jessica Wickens & Della Watson, Valerie Witte

* Saturday, August 30

____ Curator: Donna de la Perrière ____
Readers:  Megan Breiseth, Trevor Calvert, Norma Cole,
Gillian Conoley, Owen Hill, Andrew Joron,
Kevin Killian,, Colin Partch, Nora Toomey

       * Saturday, September 27
100 Thousand Poets For Change / Bay Area Poetry Marathon joint event
____ Curator: Donna de la Perrière ____
Readers:  Dodie Bellamy, Natalie Catasús, Maxine Chernoff,
Johnny Hernandez, Nomy Lamm, Lorelei Lee,
Ben Mirov,, Monica Storss, Sunnylyn Thibodeaux