Lines: Conversations in Sicily by Elio Vittorini


I could have told him no, that sometimes even I didn’t eat in the morning, and that I knew many people who didn’t eat more than once a day, and that all over the world it was the same, etcetera, but I couldn’t speak ill to him of an American where I had never been and that, after all, wasn’t even American, was nothing real, concrete, but his idea of the reign of heaven on earth. I couldn’t do it; it wouldn’t have been right.

“I think so,” I answered. “One way or another…”

“And at miday?” he asked then. “Does everyone eat in the evening, in America?”

“I think so,” I said. “Well or poorly…”

“Bread?” he asked. “Bread and cheese?” Bread and vegetables and cheese? Bread and meat?”

He was talking to me so hopefully I could no longer say no to him.

“Yes,” I said. “Bread and other things.”



Norma Cole & Marina Adams New Art & Poetry Book

Litmus Press

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In this lambent collaboration, Marina Adams echoes the spareness of Norma Cole’s language with delicate lines that contour muscular negative spaces, sometimes stark and densely foreboding, sometimes luxuriant with color. Norma Cole dialogues with Marina Adams with syncopated poems concerned with fragmentation, transformation, love, precarity, and the tenuousness of kinship between places, things, and being. In Actualities, poet and artist meditate in tandem, moving between anxiety and reconciliation, in a call and response with one another, and with a cosmos that continuously thwarts knowing, refusing to sit still.

Blind Date Zine

Check it out. This is the zine where I was first published with the amazing poet/writer/editor and good friend Owen Hill choosing the poem and giving me that moment.

Blind Date Magazine was an 8.5 x 11” literary magazine that printed poetry, short fiction, journal excerpts, and featured an interview with a poet in each issue. The new version of Blind Date was in newsletter format, featuring critical and satirical works. Both were edited by novelist and poet Owen Hill.

Blind Date Magazine emerged from a workshop taught by Tom Clark at UC Berkeley Extension in 1986. The mimeo publications of the 1960’s and 1970’s were the guiding example, and when able, BDM printed new work by many of the same poets: Clark, Jim Carroll, Bill Berkson, Eileen Myles. At the same time, many contributors could be traced to the New College of California poetics program, both instructors and students: Clark again, Gloria Frym, David Meltzer, Adam Cornford, and others. A few poets saw their work appear publicly here first, before going on to more visible careers. Jules Mann, now director of the poetry society in London, Kevin Opstedal, editor of GASMagazine, and Oakland artist Maria Porges all debuted in Blind Date Magazine.

After six issues, New Blind Date was born as a limited edition newsletter, akin to The Floating Bear, sent out to selected readers. Readership and ‘subscriptions’ expanded with each issue, but peaked at around 150 in a given run. New Blind Date was a no holds-barred treatment of the contemporary poetry scene, featuring reviews, gossip, satirical fictional interviews, and the occasional poem or story. Alice Notley, Andrew Schelling, Jonathan Lethem, Fielding Dawson and FA Nettelbeck all appeared in its pages.

Physically, Blind Date Magazine and the new Blind Date were products of the availability of personal computers, local copy shops, and the emergence of email as a means of communication. Covers were either ‘made-to-order,’ or reproduced drawings and collages by the same poets who appeared within. The Blind Date archives are housed in the Beinecke Library at Yale.

The papers and history of the zine are held at Yale University Beinecke Library

Collection consists of production files, audio recordings, and printed and other materials relating to the literary magazines Blind Date and New Blind Date. The production files contain submissions of short fiction, poetry, interviews, and reviews, many from San Francisco area writers, including instructors and students at the New College of California poetics program. Contributors include: Tom Clark, Diane Di Prima, Edward Dorn, Jack Foley, Gloria Frym, Dick Gallup, Amy Gerstler, Jack Hirschman, Anselm Hollo, Bill Knott, Richard Kostelanetz, Jonathan Lethem, David Meltzer, Eileen Myles, Alice Notley, Andrew Schelling, and others. In additon to the production files, there are several audio recordings of interviews with Bay Area writers and artists, including Jim Carroll, Howard Hart, and William Talcott, as well as the vendor’s item-level description of the archive.



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